S+D service centres - production-oriented pre-cutting according to customers’ drawings

Material pre-cutting: S+D speciality metals is more than a mere stockist. With our own machinery in our service centre in Stelle (D), S+D can also provide professional processing and production-oriented pre-cutting within minimum time frames.

Plate saw for up to 2000x6000 mm: In January 2013, one of Europe’s largest fully automated plate saws for titanium plates was taken into operation at the S+D headquarters in Stelle. The Behringer Type LPS 25-125-6A saw has a total length of approximately 10 metres and is able to produce titanium plates with dimensions of up to 2000 x 6000 mm according to customers’ demands.

Metal processing: Besides the plate saws, several bar saws and plate shears are in operation at the S+D service centres. For the processing of strips, high-performance machines for splitting and trimming are available. In co-operation with a sub-contracting partner, individual cutting according to customers’ drawings is performed using water jet technology.

Certification: In addition to the QM system based on ISO 9001, S+D also has aviation certification according to EN 9120 AirCert GmbH, so that manufacturing companies with the corresponding certification can also be professionally served.

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