S+D plastics recycling: Professional disposal of plastic packaging films

The disposal of packaging material poses a great challenge to retail, commerce and industry. The services of S+D in this field include the collection and trading of packaging films and other plastic products. W annually recycle more than 25000 tons of plastics. A large part of the recyclables is handled and processed in our storage centre in Stelle, which is approved according to the German Federal Emission Control Act (BImSchG). We are a certified waste management company and, wherever possible, co-operate with certified final processors. We are AQSIQ certified since 2005.

S+D is serving German and European recycling companies as well as partners in Hong Kong and China. About 50 % of our quantities remain in Europe. The vicinity to the Port of Hamburg is a great logistic advantage for S+D. And not only that, our reliable quality controls make us an interesting and reliable partner within Germany and internationally.

Collection for disposal

S+D collects films and plastics of various qualities. In order to allow for an economic transport, we preferably accept pressed bales (films or PET), big bags, octabins or on pallets. If you have to dispose of corresponding amounts of plastics, please contact an S+D expert.

Amongst others, the following qualities are accepted:

Polyethylene transport packaging films (EWC code 15 01 02 etc.) - processing is conducted in accordance with the European Waste Shipments Regulation No. 259/93, recovery operation R 3.

Acceptance in various qualities including production residues, shrink hoods, brickyard films, 98/2 - 60/40, or agricultural films.

PET bottles - documentation of recycling according to packaging ordinance is possible

Other plastics and composite materials:

  • Strappings (PP/PET)
  • Flowerpots / planting bowls (PP/PS)
  • Canisters / barrels (HDPE), completely emptied and rinsed
  • PP films of various kinds
  • Aluminium composites for aluminium recovery
  • Sweeping residues
  • PP big bags
  • PE hollowware, plates, beverage boxes
  • PE/PA composite films as production residue, natural transparent
  • PMMA - PC - PA etc.

» For more information: www.sd-kunststoffrecycling.de

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